Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day #1

We're finally here! Two months of planning, fundraising and spiritual warfare... and we're actually here.

After traveling for 13 hours, our plane landed in Prague at 9 'o clock this morning, and we were picked up by Mike Young, the missionary and friend we'll be with for the next two weeks. We walked out of the airport and into his car, driving for about three hours to get to Brno, where Mike and Wendy live.

Because we all got two hours of sleep or less on the flight, the Youngs had their work cut out for them to keep us awake until 8pm-ish so that we'll get accustomed to the time zone. I am fairly certain as I write this blog that, because of my fatigue, it will probably be rambling and uninteresting to read.

Keep praying for us! Tomorrow we drive to the English Camp where we'll be spending our weekend with high school and college-age students. Pray that God will bless our time with the students, that the lessons will go well, and that relationships will begin to bond.

Oh! And I got to eat Fried Cheese and Kofola for lunch! I am one happy camper.  :)