Saturday, August 6, 2011

At the Start

Nearly two months ago, I embarked on a journey to the Czech Republic with three other friends.

 The trip was incredible. I made some amazing friendships, was stretched beyond my boundaries, and even felt God tugging my heart into a new direction...

After thirteen hours of travel, we are finally just 20 minutes outside of Prague. Excitement bubbling up inside of me, I pull out my Bible and journal to prepare my heart for what lies ahead.

     I can't believe that I'm finally here again! Me, Lonnie, Laine and Deb. God, You are amazing. Your provision for us is incredible, truly only something You can do.
     God, may Your Spirit be with me right now. Grace me with Your presence, and help me to be aware of You with me always. Father, deal with my unbelief; help me to see You more clearly in these next few weeks than ever before. And Father, regardless of how I feel, I will praise Your Name, because You are worthy of all glory, honor, praise and power.
     I submit my will to Yours. I love You, my Father and my King. Be with me.
     Also, I ask that You will give me discernment and help me to not get distracted. Discernment to see what situations You don't want me in, and when You want me to step out. Give me tunnel vision for You; to be focused only on Your Will, and that which brings You glory...

While writing, our pilot announces to fasten our seatbelts, we'll be arriving in Prague shortly. As he says those words, I am hit with emotion like a bucket soaking me through and through... an emotion that can only be described as, "I'm home."

I am so excited!! We're really beginning our descent into Prague! My love country... I feel so at home here...

Out of nowhere, a prayer emerges onto my paper. Unpremeditated, I write,

Give me Your direction, my Love, if You desire more for me here.

Where did that come from?? Okay, God. I guess that's it. Show me if You want more for me here.

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