Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waiting on Hopes and Prayers

A message that I sent to a dear friend the other day... Hopes:

There are a lot of times that I feel lonely... and I know that you do, too. Like, even with friends and God, there's this part of my heart that still longs for that one-on-one romance I was made to desire. And in my weakest moments, I start to miss having a boyfriend.

...but then God reminds me that he wants me to live a set-apart life. That he doesn't want me to be with just any guy. He had "the one" picked out for me before He even said "let there be light." And when I start to feel weak, I remember the person that I trust God is preparing for me:
  • A man that is totally lost in Christ, that has no greater desire than to live for Jesus and love and serve other people.
  • A man that can treat me like a princess, with honor and respect, cherishing me as a forgiven daughter of God.
  • A man that can lead me spiritually, will help to challenge and encourage me in my faith... that will be able to be, really, a leader for me.
  • One that I can rest in, trust, and believe that he will take care of me and treasure me.
When I remember this person, whom I pray for often, I compare him to past relationships, I can't help but think, "uh... nuh-uh. God saved me from that destructive relationship because He has more in store for me."

Not that I'm saying my future husband is going to be perfect... I mean heck, that wouldn't work! No perfect guy would fall for me! lol. But I trust that, even in his sinfulness, he will be embracing the desires of God and daily living in forgiveness.

A recent entry from my "Future Husband" prayer journal... Prayers:

I think about you often.
Not just in loneliness, but in expectation and wonder. It amazes me that God prepared us for each other even before He created the Earth by His voice. He has set you apart just for me. It amazes me that you are out there somewhere, living your life. It often feels like you will rise out of the dust of the earth and magically appear in my life... but I know that you are living right now... and at this time of night, probably sleeping!

I like to try and picture you as I pray.
Not what you look like, but what you are doing. My prayer sometimes is that you'll also be praying... praying for me. That God is using yo uas an intercessor in my life long before we are made aware of each other, and that you are already stepping up as a spiritual leader and warrior in my life. And I pray that you will think of me... not as a distraction from the Lord, but as a reminder that God has a beautiful love story planned ahead for us, and hopefully that will affect you in the present. May thoughts of me, the one you will dearly love, give you the motivation in your life to pursue God with even more fervor, and to guard your heart, your mind, and your body to save yourself for me.

As my favorite character, Mr. Darcy, says in Pride and Prejudice, "I love you... most ardently."
Leslie Joy

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