Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day Without Shoes

Have you ever heard of TOMS? They're a shoe brand not only growing in popularity, but also carving their own way in the shoe business. A non-profit organization, with every pair of TOMS shoes bought, TOMS sends a pair of shoes to a child in the world that doesn't have any.
(For more information, check out their website Here)

Yesterday was TOMS' annual "One Day Without Shoes," and guess who participated??

It was really an interesting experience. The whole point of TOMS promoting "One Day Without Shoes" is to raise awareness for the hundreds of millions of children in the world that grow up without shoes. As people all over the United States chose to go shoe-less for the day, TOMS hoped that awareness would eventually bring about change.

Unfortunately, I did work yesterday and in the food business I am required to wear no-slip footwear, but after work I went straight to my college classes and went barefoot for the rest of the day. Throughout the afternoon, I realized two interesting things: for one, there were many people that noticed my bare feet and still didn't say anything. And for two, more people didn't even notice! But from my and classmates and friends, I did get a lot of questions and started a handful of conversations. (Hower, I was unsuccessful at talking any of them into removing their shoes with me!)

One downside I didn't think about before is the fact that I haven't spent a hot day walking around barefoot since my preteen years... and I'd forgotten how hot asphalt can get in the sun! Let's just say, my feet were a little tender by the time I got home last night.

All in all, it was  an interesting experience for me. It's eye-opeing that there are so many children in the world that have to suffer daily without shoes at all. I realized how important shoes are in my daily life, and how exposed your feet are without shoes (even in an easy lifestyle of sitting in the car and walking on sidewalks to class).
For more information, and to hopefully participate next year, check out:

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  1. I would see if you can organize it as a school-wide event. My college did that, and though there weren't very many participants, it was really cool to see people walking around campus without shoes. People going around giving foot-fives, and there was even discussion of taking pledges next year to raise support for TOMS shoes to send out.

    You had tender feet due to the heat, I'm pretty sure that mine were on their way to becoming one with the concrete. They were so cold. I think it's awesome that you participated, and thanks for sharing it with me. Of all my close friends, I only had one person join me. I tried to convince them that it was just one day on campus and that they could take a shower and have clean feet afterward without avail.

    You most definitely are on the road to maturity.

    PS I miss you. It's been far too long.