Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Dearest Love,

I don't know where you are, who you are, or what you're doing, but my prayer is that you will be thinking of me. Praying for me, your future wife. Being a spiritual intercessor even before we meet. I pray that your heart will be only for me, and your attraction to other girls will fade as you wait patiently for me.

I already love you with my whole heart, and I think of you every day. I am waiting for you and loving you. Please wait for me, my love.

If I could whisper just one thing to your heart right now: "Your wife loves you!"

All my love,


  1. i love it. (: i hope to be doing this for my future husband right now. ah.

  2. So precious! My girls are 3 and 1 and I think this prayer is appropriate even for them

  3. Awww!!!! That was beautiful, Leslie! I wrote such a similar note to my husband when I was single. And do you know what's amazing? After he and I got married, I read it to him! ;-)

    Absolutely beautiful!


  4. This is my feeling too :) I remember when I spoke some of these words as a prayer to God, asking Him to take care of my husband. I'm still praying for my husband :) Thanks for sharing it, blessings from Mexico :)

  5. Leslie, what a beautiful prayer. It brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I am now a Grandmother and I plan to start praying for my Granddaughters future husband. Thanks for your post and inspiring words. God Bless!