Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear mom,

You know, you're just about the best mom ever.

Not because you're a world-renowned author with over 30 books published or on contract.
Not because you're friends with awesome famous and rich people (that send me money for my mission trip!).
Not because you've traveled all over the world and spoken to audiences of thousands.
Not because you gave birth to such amazing children... *cough, cough*...

If these impressive reasons aren't what make you so wonderful, then what does?

Your unbelievably good memory for where I happen to toss all of my junk.
Your thoughtfulness when life gets so crazy for me and you make my bed while I'm away.
Your glorious patience for putting up with me when I get crabby.
Your hugs for me when life gets hard.
Your ability to remember my favorite cereal while shopping and surprising me.
Your inspiration to live a life of Christ-like servanthood instead of just saying the right things.
Your sacrifices to be there for me when I need someone to talk to.
Your beauty, as you've shown me how to be beautiful on both the inside and out.
(I'm lucky. I look just like you!)

You are amazing because you are you. I've gotta say, I was very blessed that God gave me you.


  1. That was an awesome what you wrote to your mom Leslie :)

  2. Love this!! And I love you two beautiful ladies too!! :)

  3. YEAHHH!!! (: thats right! and total mom-like!

  4. Your mom is a lucky one, too! :)